Strategic-Analytical-Operational CRM

We will make sure that your company has a stronger ability to attract, develop, and retain clients then your competitors. Call it fidelity, loyalty, client strategy, whatever your objective may be, we are a group of professionals with more than nine years of experience in implementing CRM programs in both local and international Companies.

If this is your goal, you have come to the right place…


We work on all 3 levels of CRM:




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BTL- Experiential Marketing


If what you want with your company is to have an experiential brand experience, we have an group who have an expertise in the development of the BTL strategy so that you can have this great event with us.

We have developed for all different kinds of clients the most spectacular activations, tastings, samplings, events, launches, congresses, conventions, photo-shoots of restaurants, bars, schools, companies, ultimately the sky is the limit.

With Extrema your event will have creativity and impact to its full potential. We love to work with Digital Marketing and CRM so that your event creates an experience that rises above the limits of what you had imagined.

Digital Marketing

If you want to develop your clients in a virtual world, and have them experience your strategy like in the real world, whatever your objectives may be(attraction, development, retention) that’s one for Digital Marketing Expertise. This is what we will do for you:


Inbound Marketing
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We will create an inbound marketing strategy

redes sociales
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We will develop your content  and social network strategy-Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

Posicionamiento SEO
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SEO Positioning, SEM Campaigns, Medial Display

plataformas web
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We develop digital platforms and WEB communities(Blogs, Fan pages, content and landing administration)



Trade Marketing

trade marketing


If you have in mind a winning strategy we will-Push-Pull for your distribution channel, you need to create or implement it so that your brand gain in the PDV rotation and gain participation in your channel, we have an expert team on trade marketing.

 If what you are looking for is…

To gain distribution in your channels


Distribution Blitz.

Distribution Sweeps.

Commercial promotion or technical power.

Promote your products and differentiate them from the competition:


Incentive and shop-keeping programs, Pharmacies and
Autoservices, and General Distribution Channels.

Mysterious buyer.

Beat your competition in Autoservice Strategies:


Marketers, Drivers

POS activations.

"Generally speaking we have everything you are looking for to improve the exhibition, training, PDV sales indicators, recommendation of your brand and rotation, we have infinite winning strategies waiting for you…"